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Riding Alone

Riding Alone
Sire: Midnight Ryder
Dam: Stand Alone

Riding Alone Riding Alone
Riding Alone



Ryder Son

Ryder Duffy
Sire: Midnight Ryder
Dam: Duffy (Wheaton 9019).
Reserve Grand Crossbred Ewe At Midwest Elite in 2012.

Ryder Son Ryder Son



Knuckle Puck


Knuckle Puck
Sire: Stand Alone
Dam: Loochi




Midnight Rhyder

Midnight Ryder

Sire: Over the Hill
Dam: 30K Johnson Ewe from Reno 2014

Raised by Williams Brothers
Owned with Williams Brothers
Boy oh boy did we feel we hit the lottery when we saw this guy at 1 month of age.  1 week later and $40,000 later we felt we had a new lead ram coming to our barn.   This cat has never had a bad day in his life and has always been show ready.  I have never seen one with this much natural mass laid on his skeleton from such a young age and keep it all the way through as a grown buck lamb now. This sheep has the most expressive shape to his top you could ever naturally put in one.  For as much mass as this sheep has he is absolutely beautiful through his front and end and shoulder.  His chest plate is stuck right up where it belongs and his balances so good from the side.  I could go on and on about how impressive this sheep is, but you need to just see him for yourself to decide for yourself.  We feel Midnight Ryder is destine to do great things for us and anyone who invest in his genetics.  Thank you Williams Brothers for letting us be in on such a unique ram lamb.




over the hill

Over The Hill

Sire: White Rhino
Dam: Wilma

Raised by Dave an Matt Willams
When I received a picture of this buck this past winter I felt he was a super intriguing piece that we needed to go see.   He was exactly what I was hoping.   This sheep is a flat wether sire in my opinion.   You could have clipped him out as a yearling an he still holds the shape we strive to get in these wethers day in an day out.   This guy is super shallow through his chest floor an has a freaky round rib.  He is super tall at the point of his shoulder an has a super look when you set this cat in motion.   Over the hill presents a super freaky rack shape that you do not see in very many yearling bucks.  The few visitors we have had through that has seen him this early summer have been super impressed with this sheep.  We look forward to implementing him into our program for 2016 wethers.




Sudden Impact
Dam: Goldmine

Owned with Mishler Club Lambs


Home Brew
Sire: Fresh Brew
Dam: Ego

This buck lamb has always been a Stout shorter body sheep from day 1. He was crazy bone and great shag on his legs. No matter where he stood he always stood out on all four corners. This sheep is busted open from the ground up. The unique thing bout him is when you set him up this sheep runs the right way up hill like you want in the show ring. Normally shorter body chunky ones run level or down hill, not this one. He is really opened up and super smooth through that front shoulder. Home Brew will get any kind of ewe that has any size in them to bring them to middle of the road to make that desirable show sheep.



Chillen Alone
Sire: Stand Alone
Dam: Miller Chill 

This buck has been a favorite ever since the day he was born. He has great genetics on both sides of his pedigree. This sheep is so intriguing through his front end. He is super shallow and round rib and his chest floor is jammed up between his front legs. When you lay your hands across his rack you wow because it stands up so big and has great shape to it. He has a grove down the middle of it that is hard to get. This sheep doesn't disappoint you when you get behind him and he has a huge hip in him. We feel that this sheep is very intriguing cause he is a little more extended up through his front end than his daddy is. Chillen Alone will be used here quite heavy and look for great things out of him.


Eager Beaver
Sire: Stand Alone
Dam: Sniper  

This guy was a killer from day 1.  He has never had a bad day and has always continue to get better.  He has a tremendous touch down his top and a big rack laid into him.   He opens up into his loin and has a great shape to his stifle.  This is the one we were looking for out of Stand Alone and luckily we found him.  He is fertile and we will have January babies out of this rascal.   Eager Beaver is hopefully that one to make all the flashy wethers you need.


Stand Alone
Sire: Burn
Dam: Money x Time  

Here is the buck that we have been trying to hunt for a long time.  It took 90k, but so far he was worth the expense.  When we saw this buck out at the Men of Influence, we knew we had to own him if at all possible.  This dude has done nothing but got better from the time he has been home.  He has continued to grow into a Elite kind of Sheep.  This sheep is so impressive when you get your hands on his top, but he is just as impressive as when he is in motion walking in the field.   He definitely Stands Alone in a lot of area's.


Huddle Up
Sire: Maker
Dam: 4-D Large
Owned with: Stuart Spruill

After we purchased Fresh Brew we thought we would go ahead and grab another piece to the puzzle. This dude is as opened up in his skeleton as I have ever seen in a mature buck.  He is monster boned and has the shag to go with it.  He is super square on his feet and legs as well.  When you stand behind this guy he possesses so much muscle shape as well.  He is a big deep twisted sheep that should sire a load of muscle in his off spring.  We feel this guy has so many good pieces in him, we were glad to get our hands on him.  Not only will he make tons
of good wethers, but we think he will lay in a super set of
females for the future.


Fresh Brew
Sire: Maker
Dam: Orange 964 Masterpiece Son 

When Stuart Spruill was down at Miller's he told us he found us a buck lamb that we need to own.  We have tried for a few years to be able to get one out of Millers, but just have never been able to make it work.  We feel fortunate to have this guy.  He is so super good in his skeleton and his neck set is near perfect.  He is round rib and has a great shape down his top.  His hip is big and square and has great muscle shape for a younger buck.  We feel this guy has a great shot to help take us to the next level.  This guy will make super cool body sheep, that everyone is trying to get there hands on for the show ring.  We are looking forward to getting him working in our program to see what he can do for us. 


Mount Up
Sire: White Rock
Dam: Caeser

When i first saw his picture on championdrive after winning the crossbreds at Reno, I told dad this is the buck we need this year.  We have searched long an hard this spring for the one and we feel like we have found him.  I have never had so many phone calls of compliments on a buck like i have had on this one.  He has tons of style but yet holds the muscle shape and shag that we all desire to have in show wethers. We are excited for 2013 to see where this lead Ram is gonna put us in the show ring next year.  Thank you to Cover an Franklin for selling this individual.  Its time to Mount Up!


Sire: Eccentric
Dam: Next Step Daughter 

Here is the one that is gonna take us to the next level. This one puts everything into one package. Thank you Clay for parting with half of this sheep.


Sire: Ego
Dam: Leverage
Owned with: Acmoody Club Lambs

We would like to thank Acmoody's for buying into this ram. We have high hopes for this sheep to make not only a impact for them but the ego son we have been waiting for.  From the day he was born I knew he was going to breed ewes here next year.  He was so freaky round body an perfect rib when he was born. His chest was jammed up in him an still is.  We feel he is gonna be a wether making buck that his baby's will catch everyone's eye. If you like style an thickness vogue has it all.

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